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Recommend gifts to female colleagues

30 Oct,2021
Recommend gifts to female colleagues

1, lipstick and perfume or skin care products and other beauty products.

Female colleagues who do not love beauty? Confidante should pay attention to the color of the female colleagues. The color of different skin is different from the color of the lipstick. Perfume is better. If it is not a bad perfume, it is very safe to choose the brand. But if the other side is allergic to perfume, it will be free. Besides, it can also send skin care products: moisturizing mask, eye cream, water and other good skin, and some cosmetic bags. This kind of gift is more practical. The storage box is the favorite of every woman at home. It is very practical to clean up the family and store all kinds of items. This kind of gift is more suitable for informal gift giving occasions. It is still possible to take such gifts back from a business trip.

2. Handbag or leather bag.

Handbags and leather bags are born for women. You don't see women of all colors and ages on the street. Most of them have a fashionable handbag or leather bag. The handbag should be strong and durable, taking into account the beauty of appearance. The leather bag given to female colleagues should be shoulder bag or satchel, not too large, otherwise, Are you making her a Shopaholic? This will appear abrupt and the visual effect is not good.


3. Gloves.

Don't underestimate gloves. Some people don't think so. What's good for gloves? In fact, a beautiful glove can not only protect the jade hands of female colleagues, but also achieve the effect of decoration and beautification. The material of gloves should be selected according to the season. It will come after winter. It should be made of genuine leather, warm and windproof, and the style should be beautiful

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